Combination Ticket (2019)

By Sleepy Hollow Haunted Farm (other events)

9 Dates Through Oct 31, 2019

This ticket includes admission to all three main attraction events: Clown Cabin, Haunted Hayride & Murder Maze.

Everybody loves clowns….right? Our clown cabin is filled with the most irritating, blood curdling, and horrifying clowns that love to hear the sound of screams. These clowns will have your skin crawling and you will leave knowing the evil that lies behind the smile. Take a deep breath… you are going to need it. 

Escape into the haunted forest on a tractor-pulled hayride through your worst nightmare. Ready to get purged? How do feel about Freddy or Jason? All of these movies come to life for one night that will leave you crawling on the wagon floor. Don’t fall off… Chucky is lurking!

Based on the true story of Andrei Chickatilo, the Murder Maze evokes the misery behind the serial killer’s rath and acts of torture against his victims. Take a ride on a school bus to one of the fields where his victims all lay. This 12 acre maze will leave you guessing at every turn. Will you make it out of the Maze before this murderous mastermind catches you?